Help Line

Our Helpline Support Service

Is available to provide specialised telephone-based support, information advice and guidance for survivors of rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence.

We are here to listen, to believe you without judgement and can offer support and advice to victim-survivors, family members, friends and partners, as well as signposting and referring to other appropriate services.

Sharing what has happened to you can help you to reduce your isolation, and give you the experience of being heard and cared for.

When We Are Open

Our Helpline is open for a limited time every week day through Monday to Friday.

We know it takes courage for someone to contact our service and seek the support.

We realise that it may be upsetting if you call and find the line busy or an answer machine message when the Helpline is closed.

So if you do not get through to us we will return your call when the line is next open. In order to do this safely you will need to leave your contact number and name if you want to; and times when it is safe to call you.


The Helpline service is confidential; you do not have to give your name if you do not want to. If you choose to give your, name then this will be treated as confidential information.

All service information is kept in line with Data Protection guidelines. If we need to refer you to another service offered by Kirklees RASACC then this will be managed within service confidentiality.

We will not share your details with another agency unless you give us permission to do so or if you or another person, vulnerable adult or child is at risk of harm.

What Happens When You Call?

Calls will cost you standard rate charge on your land line or mobile ‘phone. All of our Helpline support workers(including volunteers) are trained to listen and support callers within the centre.

They can offer you time to talk about your experiences of sexual and/or domestic abuse and the way your experiences have affected you.

You will be treated with respect and without judgement.

Sharing what has happened to you can help to reduce your isolation;and to give you the experience of being believed.

Our Helpline support workers can discuss with you options for other support and help you may want.They can take details from you to refer you to other services within the centre such as Counselling, or Advocacy and Support from our Independent Sexual Violence Advisor.

We can also provide you with information for other agencies and services which you may need.

Importantly the Helpline can also be used during the time you may be waiting for counselling or other services.

There may be at times when your feelings overwhelm you and we are here to listen and offer you the help you need.

So please call us…
we are here to listen and support you