Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA)

This is an independent specialised support service to help survivors of recent and/or historic sexual violent crime.

This support might include:

  • Help you decide what help and support you need
  • Provide information about the full range of options
  • Put you in touch with support groups, where possible with your consent
  • Help to co-ordinate different agencies as appropriate such as sexual health, mental health, substance misuse and housing.
  • Liaise with police for regular updates on your behalf concerning your case, thats if you choose to report the sexual assault
  • Offer practical advise on the legal and criminal process
  • Support you after your court case, whatever the outcome
  • Support you if you decide to give forensic evidence
  • Offer support to your family member who is caring for you

Not Everybody who has been Raped or sexually assaulted wants to report it to the police.This is your choice and nobody will force you to report it unless you want to.

An Independent Sexual Violence Advisor offers confidential advice and support to both females and males who have been the victims of sexual violence. They will help you come to terms with what has happened and explain the options available to you.

Your Independent Sexual Violence Advisor will only provide the support you choose. Their role is not to tell you what to do but help you to make informed choices.

Kirklees RASACC can help support you to attend;

  • Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC)
  • Police, if you choose to report theĀ incident
  • Sexual Health Clinic
  • Doctors
  • Solicitors
  • Housing Office